5 Stages of Pandemic Preparedness

In this article for CleanLink, Mike Sawchuk discusses how to be prepared for the next pandemic. Read it here: https://www.cleanlink.com/hs/article/-5-Stages-of-Pandemic-Preparedness–28536 Calling All Facility Management Executives: How can you be sure your …

The Scrub Podcast: Leadership in the Cleaning Industry with Mike Sawchuk

Your hosts, Caden Hutchens and Sam Clayton, are joined by Mike Sawchuk, established coach adn consultant for the facilities teams, in Episode 5 of The Scrub. Today’s crew touches on Mike’s decades of experience in the industry, how to recognize leaders for your cleaning business, and what traits a good leader has.

Q&A: Slips, Trips, and Falls

In this article for Cleaning & Maintenance Management, Mike Sawchuk answers questions and presents solutions to prevent harmful and expensive falls in your facility. Read it here: https://www.cmmonline.com/articles/qa-slips-trips-and-falls Calling All Facility …

Effectively Tackling Workforce Challenges

In this cover article for ISSA Today magazine, Mike Sawchuk discusses real-world solutions to major workforce challenges, which can be immediately implemented to keep custodial operations running smoothly. Read it …

Rock Stars of Cleaning: Do You Have a Lawnmower Engine Powering Your Car?

In his talk for the Rock Stars of Cleaning Conference, Mike Sawchuk outlines what it takes to move an operation forward, in a positive way. You don’t just want the organization to look good, it must run like a well-tuned engine. So what is that engine? Not a lawnmower engine if you have a car! Listen and watch as Mike explains what drives your professional operation in 2022.

The Six Pillars of Green Cleaning and Sustainability

In this article for Clean Middle East, Robert Kravitz interviews Mike Sawchuk about green cleaning and sustainability. Read it here: https://www.cleanmiddleeast.ae/the-six-pillars-of-green-cleaning-and-sustainability Calling All Facility Management Executives: How can you be …

CMM Webinar: Enhancing Facility Image: Beyond Appearances

This webinar presentation dives into the topic of creating a better image for your facility. It’s not just what is on the surface—we’re going beyond first impressions with two industry leaders with more than 70 years of combined experience representing both the BSC and in-house facility services segments of our industry. Moderated by ISSA Media Director Jeff Cross, the discussion focuses on how to maximize cleaning with your staff, ways to identify weak areas of building cleaning and maintenance, and how to do more with shrinking budgets and reduced staff.