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Too many facilities are poorly cleaned! Too many leaders of facilities do not have evidence-based data that proves how well, or not, their facility is being cleaned.

Why? Because even though there are good intentions, the leaders of the cleaning operation lack a clear understanding of how the best-in-class cleaning operations work. This then negatively impacts the Facility Management leadership (potential revenue loss, potential risk exposure, etc.), limits growth opportunity for the cleaning operation, or worse yet, might lead to their replacement.

In this time of heightened awareness on the importance of clean and cleaning, only the better performing cleaning operations – BSC or in-house service providers – will be able to sustain and grow their operations. Those unable to find, develop and retain enough quality people; those with high employee or customer turnover rates; those in a rut of only winning customers because they are the lowest price; those that need clarity to develop and implement a sustainable improvement plan; or those that are not delivering best results and value as compared to others, risk their reputation, their ability to grow, and their cleaning operations’ long-term sustainability. FM leaders must ensure their cleaning operation is at top of their game and be prepared to make necessary changes to deliver the value expected by today's and tomorrow’s stakeholders.

Building Service Contractors and in-house cleaning operations: Optimize your cleaning results with our interactive, 9-week Training & Coaching Programs. Get clarity while learning how to conduct an accurate, integrated and comprehensive assessment of your cleaning operation as compared with the industry's best-practices. Gain insights and learn what you're doing well, what needs to be improved and what needs to be developed to reduce/eliminate your current pain points and transform your cleaning operation to deliver the highest levels of cleanliness, safety and health at the lowest overall costs. Improve your future success! 

Confirm what you know and what you didn’t know, but most importantly, learn what you didn’t know, that you didn’t know. 

Solve your specific problems/issues. Once solved, achieve your goals/objectives, make you and your team more valuable, and enjoy the accolades and recognition of having a best-in-class cleaning operation.


You'll come away with a bulletproof, comprehensive plan for ensuring consistently best-in-class cleaning results at the lowest overall costs so you can grow your operation.


About Sawchuk Consulting's Transformational 9-week Course:

Supercharge Your Cleaning Operation

Course Objective: Empower in-house cleaning operations and BSCs with a bulletproof, comprehensive plan for ensuring consistently best-in-class cleaning results at the lowest overall costs.

Course Format: Weekly education/training lessons (45-60 min each), worksheets and guidance for you to conduct operation-specific cleaning assessments as compared to best-in-class, and additional weekly Zoom coaching sessions to provide personalized help to build an integrated improvement plan across all areas of a cleaning organization, like:

  • What and how to improve in your products, procedures, protocols and policies to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity
  • How to attract more people to join your cleaning operation, what to hire for, and how to improve your on-boarding, training, development of employees to improve the quality of your people and employee turnover rate
  • What are the differences between management and leadership, why is leadership critical for workplace culture, and how to develop more effectiveness in your leadership team
  • How to improve workplace culture
  • How to develop and implement an improvement plan to overcome your current pain points

The Modules that Form the Courses:

Module 1: Neutralizing Information Overload

What you will learn: How you will learn and then conduct an accurate, integrated and comprehensive assessment of your cleaning operation based on best-practices, including what’s good, what needs to be improved, what needs to be developed in order to eliminate your current pain points and transform your cleaning operations by making better decisions to deliver the highest level of clean, safe, healthy at the lowest overall costs.

Module 2: Operational Excellence - Listing Priorities

What you will learn: The required key priorities and management commitments in order to be able to drive the highest levels of consistency, effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. The first 25+ considerations so that you can start the assessment of your cleaning operations.

Module 3: Operational Excellence - Listing Foundations

What you will learn: The required foundations for purchasing; inventory and asset control; health, safety & environmental stewardship; floor maintenance; and emerging technologies and products in order to be able to drive the highest levels of consistency, effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. The next 60+ key considerations so that you can continue the assessment of your cleaning operations.

Module 4: Operational Excellence - Changing Pathogen Threat Levels - Communal Outbreaks & Pandemics

What you will learn: Develop a fluid and flexible plan to better clean, disinfect and protect based on changing threat levels of pathogens, not just SOP and Pandemic Plan. Seven key considerations to continue the assessment of your cleaning operations and better prepare for the next pandemic or communal outbreak.

Module 5: Staffing - Attract & Develop

What you will learn: How to be able to attract more quality people, hire better, and reduce employee turnover. Get a listing of the required planning and tools to recruit constantly, select carefully, develop intentionally, and build a team of the best-of-the-best as the next 14+ considerations continue the assessment of your cleaning operations.

Module 6: Staffing - Onboarding & Training

What you will learn: How to on-board, train, develop, and motivate better in order to shorten learning curves, and build capacity faster. Get a listing of the best ways with the next 25 considerations so that you can continue the assessment of your cleaning operations.

Module 7: Management & Leadership

What you will learn: Master what is management versus leadership, the inspiring traits and necessary skills, building the right leadership team, and building trust. Effective leadership is critical, and growing in importance. The next 11+ considerations so that you can continue the assessment of your cleaning operations.

Module 8: Opening Up Dialogue

What you will learn: Master how to conduct better 1-on-1s, build effective listening, communicate like a leader, elevate the role of custodians, conduct peer feedback surveys, and two exercises to drive better and create a workplace culture of high levels of engagement, empowerment, satisfaction, trust, respect. The next 8+ considerations so that you can continue the assessment of your cleaning operations.

Module 9: Putting It All Together

What you will learn: After the Program, learn the what and how of the best-in-class practices of cleaning operations, then apply the knowledge and insights gained to conduct a comprehensive and integrated assessment of your specific cleaning operation, then develop a list of short and long-term priorities of what needs to be improved and how in order to eliminate your current pain points, and build your bullet-proof, sustainable, long-term, improvement plan with the coaching you require.

Course Definitions: Course Length, Materials & Options

Module Length: Each module typically runs for 60 minutes. 

Assessment Worksheets: Each course participant is provided a worksheet to assist with note taking, but more importantly, to use when they compare their operation to best-in-class for each consideration, and be able to indicate that their specific operation is better, as good, not as good, or that they have nothing developed/in place, as compared to best-in-class for that consideration.

Coaching Calls: Private sessions to discuss individual challenges facing the student/facility manager/supervisor/team leader who has already participated in a pertinent course or module.

Mastermind Sessions:  Group session where multiple participants can ask questions of their modules/lessons, a site-specific issue, for greater details or examples of topics covered in their modules/lessons, or discuss any issue the group feels are important.

Improvement Workplans:  A personalized follow-up discussion, at the request of course participant, based upon the notes and concerns detailed on their own assessment worksheet.

Course Cost Structure with Options

Course 1 - Supercharge Your Cleaning Operations - Deliver a Higher Level of Consistently Clean, Safe & Healthy Service at the Lowest Overall Cost:

60 min | On-Demand: In this course you will learn why an integrated and comprehensive assessment of your cleaning operations is critical to improvement and success, and discover the areas that will drive the most significant improvements (HINT: It's NOT products, procedures or protocols). You will also learn the components that will make any cleaning operation ' BEST IN CLASS', how important your leadership team and their development is to delivering the necessary changes, and how to become better prepared for the next pandemic. 

Course Cost: FREE
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Course 2 - BSC Specific - Build Profitable Sales Faster | 3 Pillars | 19 Specific Steps:

60 min | On-Demand: In this course you will learn about the 3 Pillars for Profitable Contracting Sales and the 19 Specific Action Items you must take to achieve the level of profitability you desire. This course will also introduce you to specific areas of assistance in assessing your current 'go to market' strategy and developing a bullet-proof plan for improvement.

Course Cost: FREE
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Course 3 - FULL COURSE CURRICULUM - All 9 Modules Detailed Above | 7 Worksheets | 12 Mastermind Group Sessions

Course Cost: $1,140.00 CAD (plus HST where applicable)
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Course 4 - FOCUS on Better Hiring, On-Boarding & Training | Modules 1, 5-9 | 4 Worksheets | 7 Masterminds Sessions

Course Cost: $695.00 CAD (plus HST where applicable)
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Course 5 - Developing Leadership in Your Organization | Modules 1, 7, 8, 9 | 2 Worksheets | 5 Masterminds Sessions

Course Cost: $485.00 CAD (plus HST where applicable)
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EXTRA TIME - Purchasing Additional Coaching Calls or Masterminds Sessions

Masterminds [Group] Sessions: $100 per 45-60 minute session of 2 or more individuals.

Coaching [Private, 1-on-1] Calls: $200 per 45-60 minute indiviualized sessions.  (both are plus HST where applicable)


The first 12 participants in the Full Course were surveyed, and here is how they responded:

When asked, "Was the driver/issue/problem that motivated you to take the Full Course resolved after completion?"
92% said, "YES".
When asked, "Did the Full Course meet your expectations?"
100% said, "YES".
When asked, "How valuable do you feel the Masterminds Group Sessions were to you?"
92% said, "Of Great Value", 8% said, "Of Some Value".

Here is what some of the participants of the Course had to say...


President, Doc's Facilities Solutions, Inc

I took the Full Course to see how our cleaning operation stacked up against ‘’best-in-class”. The Course provided that opportunity, with clarity. The amount of good content and the “bite-sized considerations” allowed me to take in the information easily and with clear understanding.
The most valuable to me were the HR Modules (5 & 6) – staffing. I especially liked the detailed listing of the required attributes, attitudes, skills, roles, etc. that we need to look for and hire to in order to best deliver results and value to our customers, and provide a low employee turnover rate. With such a high employee turnover rate, and with the difficulty of finding good people in our industry, and the cost of a high employee turnover rate, and the cost to recruit, conduct background checks and drug testing, to hire, onboard, educate, train, as well as uniform costs, etc., we cannot afford to make poor choices in hiring. Mikes well laid out plan, and the things we were not doing, we have now implemented and we expect BIG POSITIVE IMPROVEMENTS.
A very close second for me was all the great information on management and leadership (modules 7 & 8), the differences and how they were changing, and the need to be able to meet people where they want to be met. The information on leadership was great.
We as the cleaning industry need to develop better leaders/leadership which will in turn result in our industry getting the respect it should be getting.


Associate Director of Facilities, Christopher Newport University, Former VP for Education, Virginia APPA

I took the Full Course to gain more general knowledge related to effective cleaning, cleaning operations, and the professional cleaning industry, and to see what Best in Class might look like. I also wanted to get a roadmap for my department to become Best in Class, and resolve the real issue facing all of us - hiring in a post Covid environment.
The course provided great value in all the areas I wanted, and did resolve my issues in taking it. In addition, I enjoyed the course layout, and the follow up Q&A/Masterminds’ sessions each week.


National Liason Chairman for the Utah School Custodial Managers Association

I took the Full Course as I am passionate about helping to ensure the best possible leadership training can be provided to those people in custodial leadership positions. The Course more than solved it for me, it was of great value.
This is a very high-quality product that can help the needs placed on leadership personnel in the custodial field. I liked that this Course emphasizes Employee Engagement and I liked that it places that responsibility firmly on leadership.
This Course is truly something that needs to be taught everywhere and needs to become the ‘mainstream norm’ for the custodial industry. With the material covered in the Full Course, you can change people’s lives for the good.


NYSSFA Mid-State Chapter, State Director & Former Vice President, Director of Facilities at Cazenovia CSD

As a Facilities Director I am always in search of professional development opportunities to better myself in the hopes that I can continue to improve the training and the opportunities for my staff to learn and develop. Mike’s Full Course and the weekly Coaching Calls with Mastermind Sessions provided great value, wonderful information, and the ability to explore our world with other professionals. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to develop themselves and their staff!


Manager, Custodial Services, Good Shepherd Home (LTC)

I took the Full Course. As a manager in the cleaning industry field for the last ten years I find great value in the education and consulting Mike has provided to me.
In particular, the Modules/Lessons on Staffing (5 & 6) gave me sufficient information to solve my staffing problems, and to better attract, recruit and hire new front-line cleaners.
The presentation of the Modules/Lessons over the weeks gave you time to really think hard about the material and compare your operation to ‘’best-in-class” and then to develop a focused improvement plan to drive changes that will produce significant benefits.
Overall I would recommend to any cleaning industry leader and facility manager to contact Mike Sawchuk for their education and consulting needs.


Director of Housekeeping Operations - Miami Dolphins, Hard Rock Stadium & Formula 1 | Miami Grand Prix

I wanted to see how we can improve, and what are we missing that needs to be considered and developed as required for our specific operation. The Full Course did not disappoint.
The Course was full circle and covered many topics and ideas that would more than satisfy all – relatively new BSCs, experienced BSCs, as well as experienced cleaning operations managers from education (higher and K-12), LTC & hospitals, as well as venues.
I know this Course will help those that want to improve their operational excellence in order to drive better results in their levels of clean, healthy and safe they provide.


Team Leader, Patient Support Services at Trillium Health Partners (major hospital)

I was fortunate to take the Full Course offered by Mike/Sawchuk Consulting. What a wealth of information it was! It is a very detailed, information packed course that I highly recommend to everyone in the cleaning industry. The experience and wealth of information Mike shares is phenomenal.
The Full Course provided great detail and insights on the various topics as described in the Modules, and it provided many great ideas/suggestions. There were also experiences shared from others attending the Course during our Coaching Calls/Masterminds Sessions that provided value as well.
The Course made me review how our department functions and think of new ways we can do things to improve in order to drive greater consistency in providing high levels of clean & healthy to our patients, medical staff, and visitors.
If you are in charge of a cleaning department in the hospital, school, long term care sectors, you need this course!


Founder & CEO at Victory Lab Micro-Clean

As a relatively new BSC operation, I recognized the need to be as abreast as possible of the best-in-class industry procedures, processes, and products.
The Full Course, including the Coaching Calls/Masterminds Sessions were invaluable to me as I build my business, provide the greatest value to my customers, and to be as successful as possible.
The Coaching Calls/Masterminds Sessions allowed me to discuss and better learn topics meaningful to me. The comradery that developed I loved, and I feel blessed to experience.


President & CEO at Elite Facility Systems

I liked the sheer volume and expanse of the content in the Full Course. There were many topics that as an owner of four different cleaning operations, in operation for over 42 years, that prompted me to revisit what and how we were doing things in order to drive improvements in our operations and results. I believe more businesses need a reminder to update their policies and procedures. This is the first course of its kind that I know of, and it provides demonstrable value.


FM Support & Solutions, Delivering Excellence in Environmental & Sustainable Projects

What intrigued me about taking the Full Course was to get a comprehensive understanding of how best in class do things, how others do things, and the processes they use. This course provided that and more! It provided a lot of verified perspectives, and the addition of new perspectives and paradigms that allow instigation of new systems and processes.
I especially enjoyed the Coaching Calls/Masterminds’ Sessions. They were important as they highlighted how others saw things and also how others work in different areas of the world and in different types of facilities.
In addition, the information from the Modules/Lessons was huge and gave massive support to existing processes as well as a toolbox to enhance and improve.
I recommend this Full Course to all that want to know for sure where their cleaning operation stands as compared to best-in-class.


Director of Facilities, North Syracuse Central School District

Since I am always looking for ways to improve my self, and my team, I made the opportunity to take Mike’s Full Course. The course provided a lot of useful information on our journey of continuous improvement.
I liked Mike’s approach as he is real and didn’t shy away from any issues or problems, we brought up for him to assist us with. I enjoyed his delivery and no-nonsense approach.
It was well worth my time, and that was the ‘’value barometer’’ for me.

Velma Wilson

Owner, Cleaning Solutions, LLC Chattanooga, TN USA

As a small-medium BSC, I wanted to learn how I can develop a better cleaning operation/company as well as how to hire better. These two reasons were well answered for me. I especially liked the importance of needing to focus on the why – why cleaning is so important, and why cleaners are so important. I also found the Modules on people – how to hire better, what to hire for, etc. – very informative and helpful. These two areas will greatly assist my operation to attract, hire, and keep better people and grow more profitable sales. The Course was very informational, a lot of good content, for both people with a lot of industry experience and knowledge, as well as those that are relatively new. I also appreciated how the Course was relatively simple to learn, apply, change results.


Manager of Environmental Services, Multiple LTC Homes, Major City, Canada

I needed more insight into the changing and challenging process of keeping our facilities at the highest levels of clean, healthy and safe for our residents, staff, and visitors, especially during the current pandemic where we had to continuously change our processes and procedures. The Full Course definitely provided great relevant information in these areas, and helped me solve some specific issues/problems that were lingering for a while. The Course was very thorough and easy to follow.

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