President, Green Seal
Mike's reputation in the professional cleaning industry and his knowledge of cleaning, cleaning operations, cleaning products, and 3rd party certifications are outstanding.  We have engaged his services to help strengthen our own sales team's performance.  Myself, and others on our leadership team, found his ability to quickly understand, assess, and provide pragmatic action steps very worthwhile.


President, DCS Global
I have known Mike for many years, and have always respected his breadth and depth of knowledge in the cleaning space – manufacturing, distribution, cleaning operations, green certification, training, coaching, etc.  We had two important projects, with two important customers, that we used Mike’s expertise to assist us.  He met or exceeded all expectations we had for him, and he fit in seamlessly with our customers, and was seen as yet another value contributing representative of DCS.


President, Corker Consulting
Mike has a unique talent of making you feel comfortable.  His expertise and knowledge of the industry is way above most.  When you work with him you will find his unique and undeniable talents help you grow stronger in your business.


Manager, LTC Environmental Services
As the Manager Environment Services overseeing multiple LTC homes, I worked with Mike to help us develop an RFP for proven safer cleaning, as well as disinfecting, chemicals (air, surface, and sub-surface).  Mike’s proven subject matter expertise regarding cleaning, cleaning operations, distribution, and chemicals; his attention to detail; his ability to provide pragmatic suggestions; and the ability to meet all deadlines; provided great value to our team.
Manager Environmental Services overseeing the custodial services of multiple LTC Homes, in a unionized environment, in a major city in North America.

Anna Stevanovic

CEO at Aqua Janitorial & Maintenance, Inc.
Mike came highly recommended, so I contacted him, and I am happy I did. I explained my company and situation to Mike. He outlined what he could do to assist and provided me with a detailed action plan. He executed the plan flawlessly, on time, and on budget. Most importantly, he used his industry knowledge and coaching and training skills to develop and deliver value in many areas of the company. He provided a practical, cost-effective plan that could be immediately executed to build more credible landing pages and generate more traffic to our website. He also provided a methodology to nurture qualified leads and convert them to sales.

Scott Jarden

President at The Bullen Companies
Mike's knowledge of the industry is extensive, from basic product knowledge to sales and marketing. Having worked in Canada and the USA, and for manufacturers and services businesses, he sees the industry from a broad perspective. It has been my pleasure to work with him in all of these roles.

Jennifer Meek

Director of Marketing at Charlotte Products Ltd. / Enviro-Solutions
I have known Mike Sawchuk for 12 years and very fortunate to have worked directly with him for 7 years at Enviro-Solutions®/ Charlotte Products Ltd. Mike is incredibly strategic, driven, trusted, passionate, organized and exceptionally knowledgeable regarding cleaning products and this industry. The support, training and encouragement I received from Mike during our time working together has provided me with confidence and knowledge to support my positions and team successfully. Mike was adamant about always having integrity and that no one could ever take integrity away from a person. Above all, this characteristic will always reside in me and remind me of Mike and his true representation of this in both his personal and business life. I highly recommend Mike Sawchuk and Sawchuk Consulting to work with any team.

Peter Henson, CPMR, I.C.E., CSBA, AAP

CEO at Allynt Solutions
Mike is a pioneer and leading authority in the Green Cleaning movement. Mike's knowledge, experience and passion for cleaning for health and wellness is unsurpassed. Often times I have relied on Mike for information regarding process, procedures and product knowledge and he comes through each and every time. Mike is always there for me when I need help or assistance and I am fortunate to count him as both a friend and a colleague.

Michel Theriault

Facility Management Consultant, Speaker, Trainer
I've known Mike ever since my time in the Jani industry and I appreciate his professionalism and knowledge. He's working hard to promote education of environmental practices in the Jani industry and provide useful, relevant information the the FM community.

Benjamin Holt

Account Executive at UL Environment
While only a relatively short period of time we spent together at UL Environment, I came to appreciate Mike’s knowledge and passion of the JanSan/Professional Cleaning Industry, and the various Certifications for Green. Mike is a great leader, providing clear direction of the mission and what needs to be done in order to reach it. Mike was an inspiration and encouraging while providing insightful and pragmatic advice.

Adam Caldwell

Sustainability Sales Strategist
I reported to Mike at UL Environment, and during my time under Mike's leadership, I learned more about myself and my profession than I had under any other manager. Mike is tough but fair, challenging people to be self-critical, take chances, push their limits and develop their strengths. Mike leads with intelligence, passion, humor and humility. He strives to not simply manage, but to empower those he manages to become leaders.

Mark Warner

National Sales Manager at The Bullen Companies
I had the privilege of working with Mike for many years, throughout several changes in my career. He has always proven to be extremely honest, trustworthy and hard-working. Mike is a very focused individual, and very detail oriented.... from managing sales reps and VIP customers, to managing budgets and P&Ls. I hold Mike in very high regard and have no hesitation to offer this recommendation.

Bob Gehlen

Vice President of Operations at EFS Clean Ltd.
I have known Mike Sawchuk for over 20 years, from my time at Marriott Management Services, Sodexho Marriott and Sodexo. Mike is an expert on Sustainability Cleaning, knows the cleaning industry very well, understands what BSCs require from a cleaning chemical manufacturer and distributor, and is able to provide value quickly. He can assist to deliver the cleanest, greenest, safest facility.

Lai-Na Wong

Marketing Manager at Diversey
Mike recognizes the importance of having a consistent brand. He helps deliver that brand consistency into the company’s culture. He has the ability to bring together the right people and team to help consolidate and streamline the brand message and design, so that everyone will walk the walk and talk the talk. He cuts though all the noise and helps brings a laser-like focus on what you should concentrate your business on. It was a great learning experience to have worked with Mike. As a consultant, his passion to understand your business will help deliver the results you need to take your business to the next level.

Tracey Caville

Re-Distribution Sales Manager at Roy Turk Industrial Sales Ltd.
Mike is one of the most dedicated and passionate leaders I have worked with. His constant desire to teach, develop and lead people to success is amazing. Mike’s knowledge in our Jan/San industry is not only long but very impressive. Mike's entrepreneurial style is truly an asset to any organization.

Mike Watt

Diversey Canada
It is with great pleasure and pride that I write this recommendation letter for Mike. I have had the pleasure and benefit to work both with and for Mike for over 20 years now. Mike is a consummate professional with a passion for results. I have found Mike to be an excellent executor of plans, highly visionary and uniquely relevant for our industry, with skill sets not generally seen in others. Perhaps one of Mike's key strengths is to recognize and seek out talent, and arrange people into the right seats on the bus that compliment each team member's strengths and offset weaknesses with other team members' strengths. As a consultant, Mike is uniquely qualified to assist businesses in a myriad of ways, from sales to operations, and he has a keen ability to sort through reams of data and come up with a clear and concise prescription for success. I have been in some of the best business meetings of my life with Mike and consider him to be not only a colleague, but a true friend. I encourage you to make your mind up to engage with Mike on your business needs. The investment you make up front will pay you large dividends down stream.

Andre Foisy

Director of Development at Larose et Fils
In 1998 when ISO Cleaning Solutions was formed, I was the Canadian Manager of Purchasing responsible for cleaning supplies for Sodexo, a multi-billion dollar, international company. In dealing with Mike, it became quickly very clear that he was very professional and tenacious. He easily demonstrated his ability to learn what we required by his listening skills and knowledge, then presented his solution and the added value ISO can provide. From there, he marshaled the necessary resources to execute the deliverables and solve any issues as they arose. We were ISO’s first customer, and Sodexo still remains a customer, built on the solid foundation Mike developed. Mike’s negotiation and contract development skills are evident, he is very organized and detail oriented, builds solid relationships easily, and communicates very effectively.


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