Create a Clean & Safe Shine: Real Solutions for Sticky and Slippery Floors

Are you sacrificing health and safety for that glossy shine when it comes to your hard floor care routine? Are the cleaning products you use doing more harm than good? Is your floor harboring unsafe bacteria and pathogens? Are you at risk for expensive slip, trip, and fall accidents? It’s time to nail down some solutions to your stickiest floor care problems.

Join CMM for a roundtable discussion with two industry-renowned floor care and safety experts to learn how you can achieve shiny, streak-free floors without sacrificing occupant and worker health and safety.

Walk away as an informed decision-maker when it comes to cleaning protocols, best practices, and products to consistently achieve clean, healthy, and slip-resistant floors in your facility.


Mike Sawchuk, Consultant, Sawchuk Consulting

Russell Kendzior, Founder, National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)

This program is brought to you by Americo, Bona, Gausium, and SteraMist by TOMI Environmental Solutions.

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