Mike Sawchuk with Ricky Ricardo

Elevating Cleaning Performance

Want to improve the efficiency of your cleaning operations? Of course, you do!

Then listen to this CleaningandCocktails podcast. I am honored to have been a guest. Thank you Ricardo Regalado and @CleaningandCocktails.

Listen as Ricky and I discuss topics such as:

– Improving cleaning efficiencies – why is this important, what are two critical components, why metrics are crucial

– Importance of QA and documentation

– Digitalization and software – they can’t solve your operational/business problems

– Importance of small wins in driving constant improvement

– The ISSA’s CIMS and GBAC Certifications – what are they and why are they important

– Why Customer Experience and Employee Experience are crucial

– Why cleaning, cleaning operations, and cleaners are so important. We need to think like this to be looked upon like this

– Importance of leadership and the culture and teams they create – or not

– And much more

Please, have a listen and share your thoughts – likes and dislikes. We want to know what you think.