Mike Sawchuk with Ricky Ricardo

Elevating Cleaning Performance

Want to improve the efficiency of your cleaning operations? Of course, you do! Then listen to this CleaningandCocktails podcast. I am honored to have been a guest. Thank you Ricardo …

Setting Standards for Your Commercial Cleaning Company

We all understand that knowing our customers and their standards is essential to successfully grow our business.  But do we actually know how to improve operations?  If you still haven’t figured this out, this podcast episode is for you.

Straight Talk: What’s the Condition of YOUR Custodial Closet? [podcast audio only]

Mike Sawchuk with Sawchuk Consulting knows how a clean, pristine, and organized custodial closet should look like. What he often sees when he visits facilities is not always in the best shape. In this segment of Straight Talk!, Sawchuk explains how cleaning professionals can create, maintain and ensure their custodial closets are in good shape.

The Scrub Podcast: Leadership in the Cleaning Industry [podcast w/ video]

Your hosts, Caden Hutchens and Sam Clayton, are joined by Mike Sawchuk, established coach adn consultant for the facilities teams, in Episode 5 of The Scrub. Today’s crew touches on Mike’s decades of experience in the industry, how to recognize leaders for your cleaning business, and what traits a good leader has.