How to Hire for Better People and Better Leadership

Cleanlink Article #5 in the series of 6.

This is the fifth of a six-part series on the five key pillars that will drive significant, long-term improvement and enable cleaning operations to meet higher client expectations while providing the highest levels of clean, safe, healthy at the lowest overall cost.

How to Hire Better People and Better Leaders.  Nothing is more vital to any cleaning operation than its people!

The quality of your people—custodians, supervisors, managers, and leaders—is critical and only grows in importance over time. Having the right people in the correct positions is one of the few true ways to differentiate your operation.

Having the right people is essential to providing consistently high levels of clean, healthy, and safe at the lowest overall cost. The right people are critical to providing exemplary customer service and experience and, therefore, the sustainability and growth of your cleaning operation.

This is why effective hiring, onboarding, training, and retaining top people matters above all else.

Included in the article:
– tips to hire smarter
– managers versus leaders. What are some of the differences
– how to keep the best people