How to maximize results of your cleaning operations – 5 Key Pillars that will drive significant, long-term improvement and enable cleaning operations to meet higher client expectations while providing the highest levels of clean, safe, and healthy at the lowest overall cost.

The First in a Series of Six Weekly Articles.

Today’s hyper-focus on hygiene means cleaning operations must up their game.  The way to do this is to look at the key areas — or the five pillars — that can drive improvement in a cleaning operation. These five steps enable in-house staff and building service contractors to meet these elevated expectations and provide the highest levels of clean, safe, healthy at the lowest overall costs.

In this first article, the following are explored:

  • Why Implement Technology 
  • Determine The Right Technology
  • Leading the Effort [Do not settle for product information in a pretty sales flyer or a sole product demo when it comes to testing.]
  • 7 Tips for Implementing New Technologies