The Short Quiz

Learn How Your Cleaning Operation Compares to Others. Then Apply the Insights and Knowledge Gained to Help Address Your Current Pain Points, PLUS Best Secure and Grow Your Future.
Why take the Short Quiz. In this time of heightened awareness on the importance of clean and cleaning, only the better performing cleaning operations – BSC or in-house service providers – will be able to sustain and grow their operations. Those unable to find, develop and retain enough quality people; those with high employee or customer turnover rates; those in a rut of only winning customers because they are the lowest price; those that need clarity to develop and implement a sustainable improvement plan; or those that are not delivering best results and value as compared to others, risk their reputation, their ability to grow, and their cleaning operations’ long-term sustainability.

FM leaders must ensure their cleaning operation is at top of their game and be prepared to make necessary changes to deliver the value expected by todays and tomorrow’s stakeholders.

Take the Short Quiz. Based on your answers to the 24 multiple-choice questions, receive a summary of how your cleaning operation compares to others – best-in-class, above average, average, or below average. More importantly, gain insights and learn the areas where improvements can be made in order to best secure and grow your future by providing greater consistency in high levels of clean, healthy, and safe facilities at the lowest overall cost. Invest the 10-15 minutes, that’s all it takes, to gain the knowledge that you can then apply to create advantage and opportunity.